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In response to the need to insure equal access to electronic and information technologies, Shop jane iredale has developed a set of standards for Web page design. In recognition of those individuals with visual, physical or developmental disabilities, Shop jane iredale has adopted a policy to make its site accessible to all. If you have any suggestions for improving the accessibility features of our site, please contact personalshoppers@janeiredale.com or 1-877-869-9420.

Design Standards

These standards are influenced by those recommended by the W3C and Access Board. The Access Board is responsible for developing the standards outlined by the amended Rehabilitation Act of 1998. Universal design calls for appropriate use of auxiliary aids and services where necessary to ensure communication. Shop jane iredale has adopted the Design of HTML Pages to increase accessibility to users with disabilities as the primary guideline to meet the objectives of the Universal Access for State Design policy. These published guidelines are maintained by professionals trained in the area of assistive and information technology. Shop jane iredale embraces these standards and will be evaluating its site on a regular basis, increasing the opportunity for all individuals to access information over the Internet. The Universal Access Design Standards are being integrated into Shop jane iredale and will continue to evolve as new technologies and opportunities emerge.

  • Every graphic image will have an "alt" tag - a short description that is intuitive to the user. If a graphic image is used as a navigation element, it will contain text description and direction that is intuitive to the user.
  • Every graphic image that uses an image map will provide alternative text of the hyperlink.
  • Shop jane iredale will have descriptive, intuitive text links and avoid the use of vague references such as "click," "here," "link," or "this."
  • An alternative form of access will be made available for online forms, such as an email address or phone number.
  • The use of frames will be avoided since they cannot be read intelligently by screen readers, create navigation problems, and are not supported by all browsers. Shop jane iredale cannot be held responsible for sites outside the network that utilize frames.
  • Tables will include textual information displayed in a linear form across the table; additionally, cells will be named to aid as reference.
  • Background colors will be avoided unless there is substantial contrast since color schemes can create problems with legibility.
  • Multiple browser testing will be conducted on the current versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera.
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