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Description Unit Price Savings Quantity Price
Sugar Butter Lip Exfoliator Plumper Sugar&Butter Lip Exfoliator/Plumper
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$25.00 $25.00
PureLash R Lengthening Mascara PureLash(R) Lengthening Mascara
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$18.00 $18.00
PureLash R Lash Extender Conditioner PureLash(R) Lash Extender & Conditioner
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$17.50 $17.50
24 Karat Gold Dust 24-Karat Gold Dust
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$14.00 $14.00
Eye Gloss Eye Gloss
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$15.50 $15.50
PurePressed R Blush PurePressed(R) Blush
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$27.00 $27.00
Corrective Colors Corrective Colors
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$24.00 $24.00
Amazing Matte TM Loose Finishing Powder Amazing Matte(TM) Loose Finishing Powder
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$35.00 $35.00
Amazing Base R Loose Mineral Powder Amazing Base(R) Loose Mineral Powder
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$44.00 $44.00
Sub Total $220.00
Total: $220.00
We're so sorry but some items have been removed from your cart because they just went out of stock. If you wish to be reminded about a product when it's back in stock, please check it off accordingly and add your preferred contact.
Super-Shape Me(TM) Eyebrow Kit Blonde
Cream To Powder Eyeliner Black / Brown Plus
Liquid Eyeliner Copper
PureGloss(TM) for Lips Tourmaline

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